• Your safety is our concern

    VCA ("Veiligheid, gezondheid en milieu Checklist Aannemers" - Safety, health and environmental Checklist Contractors) is a label for contractors and ancillary service providers in the building industry that certifies that they comply with all standards, laws and regulations governing safety, health and wellbeing in the broadest sense. The VCA label pertains, among other things, to working methods and procedures followed, but also defines additional requirements to raise safety awareness at work or on-site.

    For Duma Rent, the VCA label is the crowning achievement of a long adopted business policy. The VCA certification is subject to permanent and regular evaluation, which enables Duma Rent to keep the knowledge and experience it has acquired in this field up-to-date. An important element in this context is the safety instructions and training that we give to our customers, as well as the many inspections carried out to check the proper and safe operation of our machines.

    Duma Rent’s VCA label allows you to deploy the most reliable, perfectly functioning machines under extremely safe conditions.