• For perfect peace of mind

    An accident cannot be predicted. With Duma Rent, however, you can properly perform your duties without worries. We offer you a policy that insures you against damage to our tools, without you having to contact a broker.

    For a premium that amounts to only 10% of the standard rental rate, you are insured against accident damage in Belgium and neighbouring countries. We work together with a renowned European insurance partner for this. The policy also covers theft, fire, machine breakage and accidents on public roads (please note that any damage caused to third parties is not included in our insurance policy & when entering the public road the machine needs to have a license plate, obtainable on demand).

    This insurance is mandatory, unless you can submit your own policy and have it accepted by us. In the following video you can witness the importance of such an insurance.

    Our full insurance policy is obtainable at any time when requested. Contact us by telephone or fill out the form below to obtain a copy of our insurance policy.