Rental of machinery for construction and industry
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On tyres
Loading capacity Cap L. Extra veld 4x4 Price from Weekly price Weekly >4 weeks
Loading capacity : 1000 kg
Capacity : 395 l
Loading capacity : 1200 kg
Capacity : 515 l
Loading capacity : 1500 kg
Capacity : 626 l
Loading capacity : 2500 kg
Capacity : 1246 l
Loading capacity : 4500 kg
Capacity : 2670 l
Loading capacity : 6000 kg
Capacity : 3130 l
Loading capacity : 10000 kg
Capacity : 4790 l
On crawlers
Loading capacity Extra veld Capaciteit liter Price from Weekly price Weekly >4 weeks
Loading capacity : 2000 kg
Capacity : 1000 l
Loading capacity : 11000 kg
Capacity : 3530 l
Our articulated dumper for rough terrains is ideal for transporting and moving material during earthworks and garden layout work. Different skips are available according to the type, suitable for turning, forward tipping or high tipping. For more information on attachments and accessories, click on the type number in the left hand column.

Rent a dumper

Equipment rental tips

We can process your rental request more quickly and effectively if you have previously asked yourself the following questions:

  • Which application?
    (What exactly will I use the machine for? Will it be used indoors or outdoors? What is the composition, volume and weight of the load?
  • Which substrate?
    (Hard or soft, flat or uneven?)
  • Which distance?
    (Can I stand right next to or below the work area? How much clearance is there around the work area? What is the height of and horizontal distance to the work area? Do I need to work across obstacles?
  • Which restrictions?
    (What is the width of the entrance, the passage height and the load-bearing capacity of the substrate?
  • Which work area?
    (Private site or public road? This is important in order to provide for a number plate, suitable insurance and the required driving licence, if necessary.)
Submit your request a few days in advance, so that the delivery of your machine can be scheduled on time.

The transport charges depend on the distance to the work site and the type of rented machine. Please contact us for the exact transport price.

When desired we are glad to come for a visit at your site, to be able to provide the correct advice so that the work can be done in the safest and least costly way possible. This also allows us to offer you a tailored tender.

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