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General conditions

Our equipment shall not be installed on public roads, unless the lessee has obtained the necessary permit or the machine is equipped with a number plate at the request of the lessee. The machines shall not be moved from their designated locations unless the lessee has obtained written permission from the lessor.

The machines are delivered with a full fuel tank; filling up the tank or replacing a gas cylinder will be billed at current market prices.

The rental price includes 7 machine running hours. Additional working hours will be charged per hour at the daily rate divided by seven.

Renting at Duma Rent is based on five days per week. If you use the machines in the weekend, it should be reported to Duma Rent. These extra days will be charged. 

Cleaning costs will be added when the machines are returned dirty or full of mud.

The rental price does not include transport charges, which will be determined at the time of signing the lease contract.

An eco-fee of € 3.90 per billing is charged. This is a small surcharge in relation to the many responsibilities we have in order to protect the environment, and the many actions we must take to this end.

In 2016, the government has decided to establish a new system regarding kilometre charge. Therefore, an additional fee of 10 euros per journey of delivery/collection is being charged.

All prices are exclusive of VAT

There is a possibility to pay with Bancontact and VISA in our offices in Marke.

Our general lease terms and conditions are available trough the link below.

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The eco-surcharge: what is it & why is it charged?

Since recently an eco-surcharge per billing is charged. This small surcharge includes many responsibilities and mandatory actions in order to keep treating our environment as ecologically as possible.