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The eco-surcharge: what is it & why is it charged?

Since recently an eco-surcharge of € 2.80 per billing is charged. This small surcharge includes many responsibilities and mandatory actions in order to keep treating our environment as ecologically as possible.

Below you can find further detailed information about this matter:

1/ Official registrations

Every company that handles waste in its processes must register with the official authorities of the country of activity. For example, in Belgium this is OVAM & BEWEE.

2/ Appointment of environmental coordinator

An external environmental coordinator must be appointed. This person is responsible for supervising all processes concerning waste treatment and legal procedures.

3/ Mapping & confirming all waste streams

All waste streams (or possible changes within) must be mapped and communicated to the official authorities in the country of activity.

4/ To carry out all forms of regulated waste processes properly

Cleaning of machines

The cleaning of our machines is a not to be underestimated part in the field of waste processing within Duma Rent. A thorough cleaning after each rental ensures that our machines continue to function as ecologically as possible, because an accumulation of dirt results in a higher consumption.

In order to give an idea how waste-intensive & expensive this process is, some facts: 

  • Duma Rent has a full-time employee on the payroll, who is responsible for the timely and thorough cleaning of the machines.
  • This requires the monthly purchase of large amounts of soap and descaler. Every 2 years, we also need to buy 2 new Kärcher high-pressure cleaners in order to be able to continue to clean all the machines properly.
  • This cleaning results in a considerable amount of car wash sludge every month.

Maintenance of machines

Replacement of fluids and filters

In order to guarantee that the machines continue to operate as ecologically as possible, they are checked on a very regular basis on all possible fluids and filters.

A machine always contains large amounts of fluids, such as oil and coolant, that must be checked or replaced regularly. In addition, the same counts for the various filters – that are very difficult to process - and greases that are to be found in or on the machine.


Replacement of parts

In terms of parts, the big culprits - being the most polluting elements - are mainly batteries and tires. These have a very heavy impact on the environment.

Currently, Duma Rent is already buying a large number of batteries each month, for mounting on the machines. In the future this number will only increase due to the many advantages of electric machines. For the environment this is obviously a very good case, but it also comes with a cost that should not be underestimated when looking at waste disposal.

Tires are not to be underestimated in the waste disposal process as well. Knowing that Duma Rent has to replace a significant amount of tires every year.


Packaging material for new parts

All parts which are purchased, come packed in boxes, plastic and/or polystyrene foam and are (often) packed together on pallets. Of course all of this must also be processed correctly.

Technical interventions

Duma Rent does a lot of machine interventions on site each year. After each intervention, all packaging and other possible waste remnants need to be taken back for processing.


As you can see, for the cost of 2.80 euros, many actions are covered in order to help protect our planet and your future environment. Therefore we hope you understand this small contribution we are asking for. The coming generations will be grateful!